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Are You Ordering Your Meds Online?

by Carla Griffin on August 10, 2021

Having your prescription Meds ordered online can be useful for active adults.

Active adults often rely on prescription Meds more than any other age group. According to the HealthCare Financing Agency, about 89% of older adults use one or more prescription drugs. It also states that on average active adults spend around $700 to $800 on prescription Meds monthly. Ordering prescription Meds online can save time and sometimes money, but you need to be careful. You need to safeguard your finances and health with simple measures before you opt for ordering Meds online. Buying online Meds is relatively easy. The point, click, and buy. Active adults already do it for books, groceries, tickets, and even cars. You can buy prescription meds online through a pharmacy or by mail order offered by your health insurance. Before you buy Medicines online, here are some essential dos and don’ts to keep in mind.

Things to do if Ordering Online

  • Do consult your doctor. You need to take medications that are prescribed by your physician who knows about you. They can determine whether a particular drug is safe for you.
  • Do use a licensed online pharmacy. The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy will tell you if a pharmacy is licensed and in good standing. Some pharmacies carry a seal of approval from VIPPS.
  • Do insist on access to a licensed pharmacist. Reputable online pharmacies offer free access to licensed pharmacists to answer your queries. Some online pharmacies have actual physical locations, so you can talk with them in person regarding any concerns you may have.
  • Do read the security and privacy policies. Before placing an order for drugs, be confident that your personal health information, credit card number and other information are well protected.
  • Do compare prices. There are great deals online, but there aren’t any guarantees. You need to check your local pharmacy’s prices it might be less than online pharmacy prices.
  • Do be alert for counterfeits. In many cases, online meds have turned out to be the wrong medicine or contain no active ingredient. You can reduce your risk by buying prescriptions from registered pharmacies. Don’t use drugs that arrive in unsealed packaging.
  • Things to Avoid When Ordering Meds Online.
  • Don’t use a site that bypasses prescriptions. Online pharmacies that sell Meds without a valid prescription are a violation of U.S law. Only your physician can safely prescribe for you, don’t be lured by sites that give prescription if you simply fill a questionnaire.
  • Don’t buy Meds that are not FDA approved. It is illegal to buy unapproved drugs. Taking inappropriate or unsafe drugs can have severe consequences.
  • Don’t overlook the address and phone number. Steer clear of pharmacies that do not give a street address and phone number.

Take Control and Stay in Control

Whether you fill your prescription from an online pharmacy or offline, make sure you get what you asked for. You should check whether your name is printed correctly? Is the name of the medication correct? Does the dosage match the prescription? Is the packaging intact? Is the expiry date clear? If you have any queries, check with your doctor before taking the Meds. A simple phone call will save you a lot of trouble.

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