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The Benefits of Coconut Oil

by Carla Griffin on February 28, 2021

The Health Benefits of Coconut Oil. The recent direction of fad diets has led us to believe that fats are bad for our bodies. We now know that this isn’t true – and there are a lot of studies backing it up. However, many people are still in doubt when advised to use fatty oils such as coconut oil to improve their health. I’m letting you in on a secret. Coconut oil is actually heart-healthy food that will keep your body operating smoothly in many different ways.

What are the health benefits of coconut oil? 
There have been a lot of studies showing the potency of taking coconut oil to combat many types of illnesses. Studies also state that it improves insulin use of our body (making it ideal for people with overly-fluctuating blood sugar levels); other suggested health benefits include improved thyroid function, increased energy, increased metabolism, and good digestion. Note that the health benefits are not limited to these – many health benefits are still being discovered today. At this rate, coconut oil could well be considered the best oil for the body.

Why are we only hearing this now? Coconut oil has been widely eaten for centuries, but it is considered an “exotic” food for many Westerners. The main reason being that it is not as abundant here which historically has made it somewhat hard to come by. Compared to other areas of the world, our coconut oil intake is minuscule. A recent case study on the population of the South Pacific showed that their diets are very different from ours. The people of Tokelauans consume around 60% of their calories from coconuts, the fact that they show no signs of heart disease flies in the face of the myth that fatty oils are bad for your heart.

I’ve been told that fats are bad, is this true? Without going into too much technical detail coconut oil is a different kind of fat. Coconut oil contains saturated fat – it is actually one of the richest sources of saturated fat but different from those found in cheese or steak. As thousands of studies suggest, the “artery-clogging” property of saturated fat is actually a myth. It is only now that scientists are starting to discover the real benefits of regularly consuming all kinds of fat, saturated, and unsaturated alike. However, because of how much this myth has been repeated by many so-called “health gurus” a lot of people are still finding it hard to accept the healthy truth about fatty oils.

Should I consume coconut oil? Well, based upon modern research – judge for yourself. There are many benefits to consuming coconut oil all backed by scientific studies. Think about it, its health properties may just be the key to eliminating maladies. Many people have tried it and loved it – join the club now and get a dose of its healing properties.

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