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Get Ready for Your Master Closet Reno

by Carla Griffin on August 31, 2018

Get Ready for Your Master Closet Reno


The layout of your master closet should blend elegant design with convenient usability. The right renovations can turn your closet into a chic gallery that shows off your sartorial taste. Have you been considering an upgrade for your closet? Here are four tips from pro interior designers for your next renovation: 

1. Replicate your favorite boutique. 
Borrow techniques from luxury stores by maintaining a minimalistic appearance. Your most prized outfits should be the first seen when walking into the room. Showcase shoes, suits and evening gowns on well-lit open shelves, preferably against the most prominent wall. Each piece should be spaced a few inches apart for easy browsing and optimal display. 

2. Spotlight your wardrobe. 
Consider elevating your lighting by mounting a grand fixture. Keep in mind that light from multiple angles can alleviate unpleasant shadows. You can also install light strips along the floorboards or for backlighting to specific cabinets and drawers. 

To add some modern character, implement subtle smart home technology by using dimmable, motion-sensored or voice-activated bulbs and strips. 

3. Make space for reflection. 
A full-length mirror is a must, though a trifold mirror is ideal for the full effect of your ensemble. Consider positioning it opposite the doorway to your closet, with ample access to your grand fixture to improve lighting. A smaller mirror at face-height near your accessories will help you view jewelry and accessories.

4. Get centered. 
The right island can act as a welcoming focal piece, lending additional storage space for scarves, hats, designer handbags and jewelry. Consider adding a comfortable chaise for putting on shoes or laying out the next day’s attire. 

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