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Kitchen upgrades

by Carla Griffin on May 14, 2013

Changes in mobility, vision, hearing, and stability are a reality of growing older for many Americans.  Certain types of home improvements can make your home safer and more comfortable as you age, allowing you to live there longer.

We all spend a great deal to time in the kitchen, and it’s the room where we also do the most work.  Upgrades that improve your ability to reach important appliances, enhance vision and boost safety will help you use your kitchen more efficiently for as long as possible.

Age-related vision changes can necessitate increasing the amount of light in your kitchen.   Task lights and under-cabinet lighting can focus illumination where you need it most, and hide discretely out of sight without disrupting the clean lines and unmarked beauty of kitchen cabinets.

Overhead lighting is also important, but rather than opting for industrial-type lights that may cause harch glare, consider inducing natural light.   Research published in the British Journal of Ophthalmology suggests that natural light may be better for aging eyes than artificial light.    A skylight is an upscale, beautiful home improvement that can benefit boomers with natural light.

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