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Staying Busy during Retirement

by Carla Griffin on July 10, 2021

All those days of working 7 days a week and doing so almost the whole day are now behind you. The time you spent working and being busy is now considered as your “free” time. But, instead of sitting back and relaxing, you find yourself bored to death. What will you do with your newfound freedom? Apparently, lots of things….. Here are five of them.

1. Get a Job – Well, yes, we know you just left one! But, chances are, cash may be a little short right about now, maybe a lot. Why not, start fresh and look for a job totally unrelated to your previous one? Who knows, you may find this the answer to your bored prayers.

2. Consider Volunteering – Volunteering is something many seniors do and which many find especially rewarding. Assist at a library, mentor a few children, help in a project or volunteer to read to patients at your nearest care giving facility. The sky is the limit when it comes to considerations for volunteering, and there is always someone to welcome you.

3. Have you Tried Golf? – Many retirees take up a sport which they never had the time or the opportunity to learn before. This does not have to be golf. How about tennis or fishing or pickle ball? Many over 55 communities feature all these opportunities for sport.

4. Start a Business – It does not have to be one that keeps you busy throughout the day. Use your imagination and come up with a business that enables you free time, as well as, something that keeps you busy. Why not consider housesitting or taking care of pets while your neighbors are away? Make sure the business is something you like, something you can handle and something that does not take up too much capital and time.

5. Travel – If you have always wanted to explore the world, now is the time to do it. If this is financially taxing, consider holidays close by. If staying in hotels is out of your budget, rent an RV and consider taking a trip around the country.

Keeping busy during retirement only takes a little adjusting and imagination. If you do not wish to travel or start a business or volunteer, consider moving to an active adult community. Retirement communities ensure you a busy and active life where you will never feel bored.

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