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Dancing to Stay Healthy… and Young

by Carla Griffin on August 31, 2022

Dancing has been around for generations, and it is certainly known for the fun and excitement that it generates. Today, dancing means much more than this; today, dancing also means looking young and staying healthy. Dancing has many health benefits, and these health benefits can be achieved by doing something you enjoy. Many baby boomers need no introduction to the health benefits of dancing. This could be why they sign up for ballroom dancing, salsa, jazz, and of course, the dancing exercise, Zumba. For those who are not yet aware of the full benefits associated with shaking a leg to a beat, here are factors to push you to the dance floor!

Dancing for Health

Dancing is great for flexibility. Flexibility is a vital part of staying healthy. All your major muscle groups are put in motion when you dance. Most forms of dance require a certain amount of bending and stretching, so you naturally become more flexible when you dance. Your muscles are strengthened when you dance. This is because you force your own muscles to resist your body weight. Dancing is exercise, and exercise increases endurance. Two of the best methods of increasing endurance are ballroom and line dancing on a regular basis. In addition, dancing is good for your heart. As dancing is a form of exercise, you get your heart pumping. This works your heart out and helps melt away plaque and cholesterol that have formed in your arteries. If you want to decrease your blood pressure and strengthen the bones in your hips and legs, as well as increase your mental well-being, sign up for dance classes today.

Dancing for Fun

Dancing is a fun way to stay healthy. No one can resist the sound of salsa or rumba music. Dancing is a social exercise. You need a partner and many other people in the room with you. A dance class is a sure way to increase your social interactions with others and form new friendships. Communication is a necessary element to staying healthy as you age. Many seniors find life lonely once they retire. However, if you join a dance class, you will meet new people, both young and old, and you can get to know them and have fun with them. Besides, you cannot be sad or unhappy when you dance. Dancing releases endorphins and endorphins make you happy. This could be why many dancers are always smiling! Happy dancers feel young.

Dancing to Lose Weight

Dancing is one of the best ways to lose weight. As dance uses many muscles, you burn more calories, which in turn helps you lose weight. However, several types of dancing burn different amounts of calories. Dancing moderately helps burn approximately 120 calories per hour. So, if you want to burn more calories than this, you must consider a more vigorous form of dancing. However, always remember to consult a doctor before any type of dance. Even if you think it is moderate and does not require medical advice, always consider doing so as it is better for your health.

Now that you know about the health benefits of dancing, go, and get your groove on. Shake those hips and booty! Even if you don’t know how to dance, just shaking that wild thing will help you to stay healthy and feel young.

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