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Supplemental Property Taxes

by Carla Griffin on May 3, 2019


Who Gets Audited and How you Can Avoid It!

by Carla Griffin on February 16, 2019


Great ideas for adding that ADU

by Carla Griffin on February 10, 2019

12 Amazing Granny Pod Ideas For The Backyard



by Carla Griffin on January 31, 2019

 A new year, a new beginning, and for some a much needed clean slate.   It is remarkably noteworthy, how many of us just want to put 2018 behind.    Alas, we’ve arrived! 
As you kick off 2019, forget the grand promises of running 40 miles a week and eating spinach for breakfast, lunch and dinner!    It is much more realistic to manage a slight shift in the right direction…a little morsel of positive change every day.     Win every day by doing little, attainable things to get to the big goal.   Plant seeds, water those seeds and watch them blossom.
Perhaps we can begin by planting more seeds of love in our relationships.     Have fierce conversations with the people we have mediocre relationships with.     You have permission to spread the zeal that you have today for a fresh start of a new beginning over 365 days year.   Remember, do a little bit of good each day.
The fresh possibilities that this New Year brings is even better with  Carla Griffin and B&A  Realtors.   They can help ignite your dreams of living in Resort-style living and living a lifestyle you never thought you could afford!    If you are not a client, make it a resolution to meet with them and let them show you that behind every closed door, is the possibility of a new dawn and a new day!  


Medicare – Surcharge for 2019

December 28, 2018

Annual 2019 Medicare B Premiums $1,626 to $5,526 In 2019, Medicare recipients will see a change in their Medicare premium.  Most Medicare beneficiaries will pay $135.50 per month for their Medicare B premium.  However, if you have high income, you … Continue reading

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Transfer of Base Year Value for Persons Age 55 and Over – Propositions 60/90

December 1, 2018

Description Propositions 60/90 amended section 2 of Article XIIIA of the California Constitution to allow a person who is over age 55 to sell his or her principal place of residence and transfer its base year value to a replacement … Continue reading

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Get Ready for Your Master Closet Reno

August 31, 2018

  The layout of your master closet should blend elegant design with convenient usability. The right renovations can turn your closet into a chic gallery that shows off your sartorial taste. Have you been considering an upgrade for your closet? … Continue reading

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Why Prop 5 restores fairness to tax system

August 20, 2018

Seniors in California who want to downsize from their three- or four-bedroom home, now that their children are gone, find themselves facing a costly and daunting dilemma. If they sell, they would lose the property tax protections they’ve enjoyed under … Continue reading

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Protect Your Art, Antiques and Collectibles

August 16, 2018

Moving can be a hectic time. Packing up your home requires careful planning. If you own fine art, antiques or collectibles, you need to take additional measures to ensure your belongings get to your new home safely. Here are four … Continue reading

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Understanding Propositions 60/90

July 28, 2018
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