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Skylight up you life

by Carla Griffin on January 31, 2013

Thanks to resources like Energy.gov, you may already know that a properly installed, energy-efficient skylight can help you control heating, cooling and lighting costs. Skylights can also be an excellent source of passive ventilation.

“Solar-powered fresh air skylights with a no-leak warranty admit healthful natural light while providing passive ventilation,” says Ross Vandermark of VELUX America, makers of Energy Star-qualified skylights. “Passive ventilation gives homeowners the benefit of fresh air without adding to their utility bills. A skylight doesn’t need to draw electricity to move air the way a venting fan does. What’s more, skylights can be equipped with solar blinds for additional light control and energy efficiency. And when a homeowner chooses both a solar-powered fresh air skylight and solar-powered blind, both the products and the installation may be eligible for a 30 percent federal tax credit as a green home improvement.”

Venting skylights in kitchens passively exhaust hot air, moisture and odors while admitting additional light for more pleasant cooking, dining and entertaining. And skylights, along with fashionable accessories including blinds, can be controlled manually or by remote control.

The same applies in baths, where humidity levels are often high and the need for ventilation is constant. Skylights also add a big plus in baths with the privacy they afford as opposed to vertical windows. The same holds true in bedrooms. Plus, gazing at the nighttime sky from your bed is sometimes a nice option.

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