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Bathroom upgrades

by Carla Griffin on May 16, 2013

Falls are a leading cause of injuries that result in hospitalization of older people.   Most falls in the home occur in the bathroom, so taking precautions in this much-used room makes sense.   Like them or not, grab bars improve safety in the bathroom.   Fortunately, bathroom fixture manufacturers seem to understand the need for products that blend safety and beauty.    It’s now easy to find grab bars in a variety of attractive finishes and designs that complement your interior decor.

Lighting is also important in the bath, and fresh air skylight can be beneficial in room.    Skylights provide natural light and passive ventilation while ensuring privacy in the bath.

Flooring is another opportunity to blend beauty and practicality in the bathroom.   Replacing slick, traditional ceramic tiles with slip-resistant flooring such as stone, vinyl or textured ceramic tile, can be visually pleasing and safety-enhancing at the same time.

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